Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wow! It's been almost one week since our last post....

Hunts have been sparse have the finds unfortunately. Over the last week we were only able to get out a few times. The above ground finds brought in 4 pennies and we had a Bellingham hunt late on Friday that brought in $1.24 (4 quarters, 1 dime, 2 nickels and 4 pennies). One of the quarters was a 1976 bicentennial coin-our first!

Our first month of metal detecting proved to be a success. We got in a number of hunts and Max unearthed our first silver item and wheat back penny-a 1919S. This is our oldest coin to date. We are still waiting for our first silver coin. Check out the items that we scooped up. The list includes three silver rings, one titanium ring, several other rings and charms and a bunch of pennies and clad. We unearthed a few relics too as you can see by the photo.

Happy Hunting everyone!

Total finds over the last several days: $1.28
Above ground finds: $.04
Below ground finds: $1.24
Total finds to date: $22.01 30 days of hunting averages out to $.73 per day.

The Lincoln Penny Project grand total: $61.62
Above ground finds: $39.02
Below ground finds: $22.60

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  1. Six rings, 2 wheats and $22 bucks is awesome for January, guys! Keep up the good work, 2010 should be great.