Saturday, January 16, 2010

Discovery Park and Golden Gardens

Finds for the day from both parks.
Finds that need to be cleaned up.
Claire helping with the clean up of gear.

Claire and I went on a Saturday morning drive and ended up going over toward Magnolia on a whim. We did tow the metal detector just in case we wanted to hit a spot or two. Starbucks was calling Claire-and the previous $40.00 found gift card came in handy. On the way into Starbucks-Claire found the first find of the day-an Honest Abe penny on the cement. The morning paper's crossword was difficult-so we ended up working on the jumble instead.

Discovery Park and Ft. Lawton was the same...haven't been there in over 20 years though. I brought out the metal detector for a quick spin while Claire read at one of the picnic tables. We ended up walking in the trails and went to the Indian Cultural Center...ran into a couple of cool dogs. Claire liked Louis the best-he was a little fireball of a speedster rat dog-but a cool one. My favorite dog ended up being a Great Danemation, a dalmation/dane mix (not sure what you call them). Finds at Discovery Park consisted of a few pennies, a dime, an old Shick razor, an ornamental steel plate, and part of a watch.

We toured the Seattle neighborhood of Magnolia and ended up eating at Whole Foods. Our final stop was Shilshole Marina and Golden Gardens Park. It was approaching dusk and you could hear the seal barking and kids playing on the beach near camp fires. Claire walked the beach and I hit the grounds with the metal detector. I ended up scooping up some quick change and it was getting pretty dark when I hit my last signal. By that time-Claire was already finished with her walk and watched me pull the find. We didn't know what it was. It was bigger than a quarter, and she ended up thinking it was a Sacajawea Dollar or an Asian coin of some kind. She took it over to the water spigot and washed it off. It was a John Quincy Adams presidential dollar-our first! Our last stop of the evening was a trip to the grocery store where I found one dime near the Coinstar machine.

Daily total finds: $1.55
Above ground finds: $.11
Below ground finds: $1.44
Total finds to date: $14.04 Day 16 averages out to $.88

The Lincoln Penny Project grand total: $53.50
Above ground finds: $38.56
Below ground finds: $15.05

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  1. Cool old razor and nice find getting the Presidential dollar.