Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last few days of finds. Max finds first Lincoln wheat back penny 1919S!

Finds for the last few days.
Max before finding the first Lincoln Wheat Back.

It was a fun few days of hunting for coins above and below ground. Max was excited to get out and hunt with the metal detector. On his first signal-Max pinpointed it and started to dig. The ground was too hard, so I took over with the digging. We have the unearthing of our first wheat back penny-thanks to Max. Check out our youtube videos at (LincolnPennyProject). We were so pumped for our first wheat back find...Way to go Max! We also ended up finding a titanium ring.

The last few days have brought in $.28 above ground and $3.16 below ground (8 quarters, 8 dimes, 1 nickel and 31 pennies).

Here is a photo of Max with a fishing pole that he made from things he found during metal detecting.

Last few days of finds: $3.44
Above ground: $.28
Below ground: 3.16
Total finds for the year: $17.48 20 days of finds averages out to $.87 per day.

Grand total of finds for the Lincoln Penny Project: $57.05
Above ground: $38.84
Below ground: $18.21

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