Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Car wash and Coinstar nets us $.07

Quiet day for finds-didn't hunt much though. I made two quick stops and came up with 7 pennies at the car wash/convenience store and a Coinstar at QFC.

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three stops-three finds!

Coinstar and QFC continues to be a good stop. Why don't people leave other change on the floor next to the Coinstar machine other than pennies. Pennies take longer to add up, but they still pay for things. Someone could have added another $.07 to their bottom line-or skipped out on the Coinstar fee. Instead I came by and noticed my neglected, copper friends on the floor begging for some attention.

7/11 proves to be a great stop. I had to drop my keys on the floor-making sure they went under the counter-so I could pick up the Washington Quarter that was strategically placed.

My last find was at an AM/PM gas station at an air/water set up. I'm Still baffled why people set their money down for someone else to pick up. Just think how many people are doing this around the country on a daily basis. There is money waiting to be found. Keep hunting!

Daily find: $.34
Total to date: $13.67

Breakdown of the finds!

Here is our money find total since July 12, 2009. There are days that we go without finding any money-or other days where we find loose change and didn't get a chance to post. This is a fun event for the family and each individual. Not only does this give us some extra exercise, it adds to our competitive nature to come up with something by the end of the day or week. We highly suggest this-give it a try! Happy Hunting!
$5.00 total-1 = $5.00
$1.00 total-2 = $2.00
$.25 total-9 = $2.25
$.10 total 23, 1 Canadian Dime = $2.40
$.05 total 12 = $.60
$.01 total 108 = $1.08

Grand Total = $13.33
78 Finding Days averages out to $.17 per day

Monday, September 28, 2009

I can't come up with good titles....

I was at volleyball practice last Friday night when I came across my first find of the day, well week actually. It was a shiny new dime-sitting right on the floor of the gym! Sadly it was the middle of a drill when I saw it so I had to wait......I had my eye on that dime the whole practice and as soon as practice was over I ran over and scooped it up!


The adventure doesn't stop there! We went to our high school's away football game yet again, vs. LW.
As soon as I stepped out of my friend's car, I heard a "clink!" in the gravel (yes the gravel yet again!) and I looked down, but didn't see anything-so I closed my door and decided maybe there was something down there.....and guess what there was! A SHINY QUARTER!!
I was pumped the whole way to the game!

Then it was game time, this game was well.....not as exciting as it could have been...we smashed them 60-0, it was 40-0 in the first half of the game, so we all got bored.

At half time most of the students in our section left-so my best friend, myself and couple of other seniors moved up to the front of the section and got to lead all the cheers. It was pretty exciting... for a very lame game of course, but we had a blast. When we moved down, I felt something hit my leg. I thought to my self,

"who the heck would be throwing things at me!"

so I looked down and there it was...
a peanut... that's what hit my leg. Then I felt something else hit my leg again not 2 min later and there it was....this time-a shiny face of President Lincoln staring right up at me!! I picked it up as fast as I possibly could!

[sorry no pictures! My camera was stolen out of my car, so I dont have any! New camera on the way though!]

Total daily find: $.36
Grand total to date: $13.22
78 Finding Days averages out to $.17 per day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Finds of the day!

My first find came when I went to my favorite Shell Station/Convenience Center for my Mt. Dew and Take 5 bar. I handed the clerk $2.65-and my change should have been $.02, but I opted to give it to him. He always gives me more change, so this time I let him keep the difference. On my way out of the store to my truck, I found 2 pennies. The next stop at the Shell Station was the air/water stop for automobiles. Sitting by the fire lane was a Roosevelt Dime tails up.

My next two stops for the day were also profitable. The lunch stop was Round Table Pizza. A lady next to me was finishing her food and grabbed for her keys. I heard some change drop-which hit the metal leg of the table. She stooped down to pick something up. On my way out, I noticed that she left $.26 for me.

My final find of the day was at Albertsons. I bought a newspaper after lunch-and I used the personal scan counter. A George Washington one dollar bill was waiting for me in the bill return. Thanks Joe!

Total find for the day: $1.35

Total tally: $12.86

75 Finding Days

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A non-employee gets a Pay Day from Top Foods

If you know me, I've got a sweet tooth and a hankering for a Mt. Dew. After I dropped off a proposal in the afternoon, I hit the Top Foods grocery store for a treat. I went through a "you scan your own item" section and noticed a Washington quarter tails up. I fumbled for my keys-playing like I dropped them, and scooped up the prize. The other four pennies were right at the same check out line. Hard to believe that people don't pick these up. Ripe for the pickin!

Albertsons was an earlier shopping trip. This one happened to be a pick up in the parking lot. People must litter pennies on the pavement. Pennies are the easiest to come by....If these were dimes, would people be passing them by?
Daily total: $.41
Grand total: $11.51
74 Finding Days
Avg daily find: $.15

What is the going exchange rate for a Pilipinas Piso from Home Depot?

News Flash: Contractor finds second foreign coin at the local Home Depot!

The exchange rate for a Phillipines 5 pesos is $.11. I'm not sure that I would go to a bank to trade in this unique coin.

My other finds at the Home Depot consisted of a nickel and penny on the pavement. One penny was imbedded in the ground. I asked myself, "how long has this penny been here-a few days, a couple of months?" It's not there anymore, but I'm sure another is waiting.

Morning find $.07

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Local Jack In The Box and 7/11 giving back rebates!

I got one of those cheap, nutritional lunches at Jack in the Box today and got a dime kicked back to me for selecting Jack's diner. Why someone leaves a dime visibly under their seat waiting for me to pick up is pretty cool. Thanks Jack!

My diet Mountain Dew stop is normally a 7/11 or other convenience store. When I parked my truck in the 24 hour pit-stop, Honest Abe was looking right up at me. Cool! The floor at the counter is an ideal spot for spare change to be scooped up. Another Mr. Lincoln was barely visible for the right finder to be spotted-and there I was. Perfect!

Happy Finding!
Daily total: $.13
Grand total: $11.07
73 Finding Days

Another job site-another penny!

It's just like panning for gold. If you don't pan, you won't find! Here is another penny added to the bottom line. Is it really this easy? Should we keep it a secret? Nah......

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Find of the day!

The earlier blog mentioned the three keys. One of the keys stated where you least expect to find something you will. I met a sub-contractor at the Sammamish River Park in Bothell to get some samples of a product. When we finished business, I took a walk around the perimeter edge just for kicks. I didn't expect to see what I saw next-a $5.00 bill staring back at me.

When you least expect it.........

Happy Finding!
Total find for today:
Grand total today: $5.13
Grand total to date: $10.94
72 Finding Days averages out to $.15 per day. This could equate to $54.75 in a year.

We just added $.03 to our bottom line!

Check this out! I was working at a job site this morning and found 3 pennies. Another cool item that I found was a key. This got me thinking about the "3 Keys To Finding Money!"

1. Keep your eyes on the prize:

The most probable place for money (the prize) to be found is on the ground, duh! Or does it really grow on trees? Some people do place loose change at eye level keep a watch.

2. The most obvious place to find lost change or bucks-if you are lucky-is a place with heavy foot traffic: Parking lots at grocery stores, malls, movie theaters, arenas, etc. First come first serve. The key is to be at the right place and right time for the find. Remember to keep your eye on the prize.

3. Where you least expect the prize to be is where you will find it. Did that come from Yogi Berra?

Good luck hunting!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wash your car or truck and receive change back

Check out your local car wash during the summer, and the chance of finding stray change is pretty good. We haven't been unlucky yet. I picked up an extra $.43 in change today.

Did anyone know that Wal Mart is giving change away?

I stopped by the Everett Wal-Mart to scoop up some cold water for my guys. The soda machine caught my eye as I walked by-and someone left us 2 pennies! On the way back to my truck I took a different route (of course) and spotted $.11 sitting in the bark just waiting for me....incredible. Thanks for the extra goodies Sam!

Breakdown of finds

Is anyone curious of how many pennies vs. dimes, nickels, etc. that we have recovered from the lost? Here it is anyways! Take a gander...........

Dollar Bills-1=$1.00


Dimes-17=$1.70+1 Canadian Dime=$1.80



Year to date finds (since July 12th)........big drum roll please! $5.25

This equates to $.075 per day. That's a venti mocha (for those of you that appreciate coffee) plus a New York Times paper. I'll take the paper and leave the mocha. That daily sum would feed the piggy bank $27.38 per year. Not bad....Check back later for another breakdown. Does anyone think we can average more than $.075 per day? We do!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Woodinville Costco find

While we were shopping, our eyes were peeled for some metallic objects. The shopping trip was almost complete-and here we thought we came up empty. Claire spots the find-a quarter sitting under the Costco ice cream cart. Steve jumps quickly to the rescue and gets in a push-up position to scoop up the find. A penny was also spotted nearby. Don't you hate when you have the video button on when snapping a photo??

Do the Puyallup

Scones, Elephant Ears, Gyros, Roasted Corn, games, rides and fun! We did the Puyallup on a perfect, sunny Sunday afternoon. Steve found $.26, Andrea found $.06, Claire found $.05 and Erich found $.03. It was a great afternoon. Andrea had the best find of the day-a difficult nickel find near the sidewalk in some grass. Claire was the runner up for best find....she found an anchored bolt in the concrete that she wasn't able to pull out of the ground.

Leavenworth and Wenatchee bound

Claire and I decided to take a quick day trip east of the mountains. Our first stop was Leavenworth-Wilkommen! The day was toasty and the bratwursts tasted great. We thought for sure that we would spot some shiny finds on the ground, but only came up with one penny. Wie schade-too bad. We were pumped that we found something. On a whim-we cruised even farther-to hit the town of Wenatchee.

Thirty plus years ago, my mom and I would drive over the pass to stay with my dad at a trailer park in Wenatchee. As Claire and I drove through the town of Wenatchee-my recollection of where we were came back to me. We went over a bridge across the Wenatchee River and spotted where we bowled. When I stayed with my dad for parts of the summer while he worked on the east side of the mountains, I would work at a place called Eddie Mays Inn. I would do laundry work-cleaning the linens in all of the rooms. We drove around to find the Inn. The location of where I thought it was stood a Fred Meyer. We went inside the store and asked a few people if they knew what was here before the store. Sure enough it was Eddie Mays Inn. I was so pumped to be standing in the same place 30+ years later-thinking about my dad and being with him during those times. We walked the parking lot to take a couple of photos and found a shiny nickel. Thanks Dad!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lake 22 was an awesome hike.

Lake 22 is north of Verlot in the Snoqualmie and Mt. Baker National Forest. If anyone digs hiking, this is the trail! It was a tough day for finds-just 2 pennies. The hike up to the lake is approximately 2.8 miles. When you reach the lake, it's an amazing sight-breath taking! The perimeter hike around the lake is approximately 1.2 miles. The hike from start to finish takes about 4 hours. Our hike was on July 18, 2009. There was still a trace of snow near the lake. We tackled the glacier too. Check out some of the photos and video from the hike. The distance of cruising down the glacier is deceiving. It's steep and far. The video is over 1 minute long, and the butt surfing is nearly 30 seconds. The funny-not so funny thing about the video, is that I wanted to video Claire coming down the glacier. I unfortunately left the camera up at the top and had to trek up a second time. Talk about a work out!!

How much have we found?

The craziness started on July 12, 2009 at Baker Lake Resort. Some friends helped haul my mom's trailer up to the camprgound. This couple hunts for change whenever they are out and about. Sure enough-they spot a quarter in our campground. The craze began-and the hunt was on. I ended up finding $.38 that day. Since then, the family keeps a look out. We have recovered $4.89 to date-which averages out to $.07 a day. It's the thrill of the find. It's the story of the place and time of when we find that shiny or dull coin that's special.

Andrea's Turn!


Its Andrea, yep, I'm the daughter of this lovely writer! and I have gotten addicted to their fun adventure of searching and collecting money off the streets, and trails, and all the silly little places in between. [It's quite addicting - No joke!]

But anyways..... I was going to our Friday night football game, BHS vs. RHS, which we won! Smashed them! 54 to 0! It was a blast, and being a senior makes it all worthwhile! Oops, a little off track! Back to the story - My best friend and I have a tradition that we go to 7-11 after games and get a couple of Slurpees. Then, we find a random parking lot to listen to loud music and dance in...=) this Friday, we decided to stay in the parking lot of the 7-11!

Which ended up being an excellent choice! Because.....while we were dancing a kid that had just come out of the store, with Slurpees of course (which was excellent), drove away with his friend in their weird looking Mustang. While they drove past us, I felt something hit me, and a heard a clink on the ground - it was a penny! The kid that just drove away had thrown a penny at me! I was sooooo excited!!!

I immediately called my mom and step-dad! It was the greatest thing! I was extremely happy the whole night!!