Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The weekend brought in some above and below ground finds....

Just a quick post to put something on the board. Claire found most of our above ground finds; $.26. We also did some metal detecting. Our total finds came out to $1.87 (2 quarters, 11 dimes, 2 nickels and 17 pennies.

Last few days of finds: $2.13

Above ground finds: $.26

Below ground finds: $1.87

Total finds to date: $24.14 (32 days of hunting averages out to $.75 per day

The Lincoln Penny Project grand total: $63.75

Above ground finds: $39.28

Below ground finds: $24.47


  1. Not bad, it all adds up! The gold dollar I found was a Washington. Now that more are coming out each year, maybe ther will be more lost ones to find....hoping!

  2. That's cool on the Washington find. So far we have found 2 presidential dollars; Tyler and Adams. One was above ground and the other was unearthed.